Interior Design Singapore

If you are looking for an interior design Singapore firm, you should know that you will find plenty of options to select from. Singapore has become a staple of unique design, creative professionals and modern taste for design.

There are many known firms and some not so recognized that can help you with your interior design projects, for your office or home.

Depending on the size of your project, select a company that has experience in the area you are looking for. If you hire a company that specializes in commercial interior design for a small home design job, you might pay more than what you should if you hire a company that works in home projects.

In Singapore you will find major design firms that will bring not only a unique design experience, but one that combines art into it. Companies like this will often take projects both with commercial and residential intent.

You will find companies that will manage all of the aspects of the design and renovation until the end. Meaning, they will have the architects, the woodworkers, the painters, flooring people, all under one roof. This type of companies can be really helpful when you are short on time. They do not need to negotiate outside their business, the just move schedules around.

In the mix of Interior Design Firms in Singapore, you will also find the ones that not only get involved with local projects, but they expand their business to regional contracts and even international assignments.

Before you hire any company, make sure the company has some sort of accreditation. It should be no problem for any reputable company to be able to provide you with the certification.

  • You should look for some of the certifications below:
  • A Building and Contractor Authority License (BCA)
  • A Case Trade License
  • RADAC License

Always ask for references, especially if you have never heard from the company before. Research the company on the web and look for any complaints. Finding an interior design Singapore firm, is not that hard as they are many recognized and reputable companies to work with.